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Riser Adkisson LLP
Critical analysis of contemporary risk management and asset protection issues.

Investigative Reporter David Marchant's OffshoreAlert

Gold Haven
Offshore books, articles and programs

The Tax Prophet
Attorney Bob Sommers's The Tax Profit


Asset Protection: Concepts and Strategies for Protecting Your Wealth is unlike any other work on the topic of protecting asset from creditors. For the first time, a book examines the fundamental and theoretical underpinnings of asset protection planning, and takes a contrarian view of popular and heavily-marketed gimmicks such as offshore trusts that have landed their owners in jail when challenged. This work uniquely takes a holistic approach to asset protection planning that considers the specific circumstances of each individual client rather than forcing all clients into one of three or four “canned” solutions.

Asset Protection

Highly Recommended
Les Henderson's Crimes of Persuasion

A comprehensive look at schemes, scams & frauds

Book available from Amazon and other retailers
ISBN 0-9687133-0-0



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