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MLM Bulletin

IMPORTANT BULLETIN, dated December 18, 2004


For unusually candid and well-researched reports on the MLM industry, go to, where you will find research and education regarding MLM/network marketing prepared with the assistance of top experts over a period of ten years by Dr. Jon Taylor of the Consumer Awareness Institute. Opinions in publications and on web sites vary widely on MLM's legitimacy. What is different about this site is that you will find objective research upon which to base analyses on MLM compensation plans and how they relate to success and loss rates, legal definitions, etc. In other words, you will have a basis for deciding whether or not to participate in a particular MLM – or any MLM – or to seek an alternate income source.

The investigative research that formed the basis of the reports below include:

  • Extensive comparative research on MLM compensation plans and alternative business models to clarify differences,

  • interviews with and feedback from thousands of MLM distributors and ex-distributors in a wide variety of MLM programs,

  • Interviews with the top experts on pyramid schemes and with consumer advocates, agencies, and university research sources

  • Surveys of hundreds of tax professionals where MLM is concentrated – representing thousands of tax returns of MLM participants,

  • Court records in MLM cases – including IRS income tax records of top distributors in one state,

  • Household consumer surveys regarding MLM participation,

  • Surveys of leading MLM company presidents,

  • Private and public financial disclosures by MLM companies,

  • Communications with law enforcement officials at all levels, and—

  • Direct experience with prominent MLM companies.

Again, to tap into valuable research reports and consumer guides resulting from this research, go to

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