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Offshore Books

With scant few exceptions, most of the books on "asset protection" and "offshore planning" are scams. These include the so-called "PT" or "Perpetual Traveler" books. And even many of the seemingly legitimate books written by credentialed U.S. practitioners suffer from some of the following flaws:

  • Between the time they go from the galley copy to the shelves, most books in this area are out-of-date. Unlike many areas of the law, this is a very quickly changing area -- especially so because since 1996 the IRS has been cracking down on abusive offshore structures and now comes out with new notices and announcements on an almost monthly basis. What might have been good law when the book was written may no longer be by the time the book hits the shelf, and this could lead to disasterous consequences. The same goes for asset protection structures -- 1998 saw offshore trusts and family limited partnerships penetrated with some regularity in some jurisdictions. And books will never keep you abreast of the latest scams.

  • Most books are written by scam artists. Far too many of the books in this area advocate, explicity or implicitly, conduct which is criminally tax-evasive for U.S. citizens. The authors of these books are typically ex-U.S. citizens who are now listed as living in Canada, Panama, Costa Rica, etc., and their books solicit you to pay big fees for the use of their services. This is a huge scam, as the author will collect not only a small royalty for the book, but also a big fee for advice which will most likely put you in prison -- and these authors are not accountable since they are offshore and not subject to your lawsuit.

A Couple Of Good Books

There are two books which we will recommend for general reading on this topic:

  • The Offshore Money Book, by Arnold Cornez.
  • It's Mine And You Can't Have It, by Robert V. Eberle.
  • Various Books by Dr. Arnold Goldstein.


Believe it or not, there is actually a regular critic of offshore books. This critic is Canadian Matt Blackman, whose critical book reviews can be found at

Report 5599

Floating around on the internet you will occasionally see an advertisement of an allegedly "secret" Report 5599, which in one fell swoop will tell you everything you need to know about offshore planning -- and all for around $50.

Don't buy it. This report at best is seriously dated, meaning that if it had any validity several years ago (which can be disputed), it has now fallen so far out of date that you would be crazy to rely on it.

Actually, if you look hard enough you can usually find a free copy of Report 5599 posted somewhere on the internet. So, if you have some historical interest in reading Report 5599, at least save your money and find one of the free versions instead [please DO NOT write us for current URLs for this report -- we don't keep up with who is posting it at any given moment].

Offshore Seminars

For anywhere from $15 in the family room at your local pancake house, to $7,500 in some exotic locale such as Aruba, you can attend seminars on "asset protection" and "offshore planning" which promise dramatic tax savings by the use of no-tax jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands or Nauru.

  • Wink-N-Nod Tax Evasion Seminars. In too many seminars, the speakers will tell the crowd that everything they do is legal, but also with a wink-and-nod tell you that you can have a "private consultation" in the planner's hotel room, whereby for a huge fee they will impart to you the wisdom of quickly becoming wealthy by your placing your money in a secret offshore bank or other structure which they control (a/k/a "Black Hole")-- and almost always this strategy requires you or your kids lying about the existence or location of the money.

  • Bait-N-Switch Seminars. Quite a few estate planners and insurance salesmen are giving "asset protection" seminars which mention for maybe two or three minutes how you can protect your assets from creditors, and the rest of the time telling you how it is in your best interest to buy a lot of life insurance to pay your estate taxes with (somehow they don't seem to spend as much time telling you about the commissions they will earn from their insurance companies). Ditto for Living Trusts seminars which are painted as "asset protection" or "estate planning" seminars, although living trusts give you neither any degree of asset protection or estate planning.

  • Old Law Seminars. There are a bunch of "one trick pony" planners running around out there giving seminars about "cure-all" structures which once were good for some folks, but now after a couple of years have been so undermined by the courts on the asset protection side that they don't protect much for long, and by the IRS on the tax side that they really don't save much in taxes. An example of this, is the old Family Limited Partnership With Limited Partnership Interests Held By Offshore Trust structure, which a couple of years ago was pretty good, but now is doddling ever quickly towards its grave.

Global Prosperity

The absolute WORST seminars you can go to are sponsored by the various "Global Prosperity" and similar spin-off groups. These seminars will give you zero real information, but are just a big hype deal to sell Global Prosperity's completely bogus trust structures.

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