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While Keith Anderson awaits trial and his brother Wayne Anderson was just convicted on a variety of offenses, Zoe and Dan are ducking for cover while U.S. law enforcement agents pursue the Institute for Global Prosperity Scam, while Dave Struckman is attempting to move his scheme to Panama (where Marc Harris was able to dodge Los Federales) to launch the next in an increasingly long line of multi-level marketing/criminal tax evasion failures known as Global Prosperity. In May, the following e-mail was spammed out to all IGP members introducing "Pinnacle Quest International, Inc." which is the "latest and greatest" of one of the biggest frauds in history.

To all IGP Associates!!

Welcome Back From GII & How Exciting & Powerful The Formation Of PINNACLE QUEST INTERNATIONAL, INC.!! In case you have missed all the EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS since the return of GII, you are in for a pleasant surprise! There is a brand NEW COMPANY!! And a brand NEW PRODUCT!!

We are all Moving Forward in a Positive Strong way! Through this new International Company, you will find More Freedom, More Education & More Success for yourself, your family, and your customers! The company is Pinnacle Quest International, Inc. or PQI for short. It is an International Company, and has Dave Struckman as their Marketing Manager. It is run by an awesome Executive Council consisting of over 20 people to guarantee your success! The Doors of IGP are closing May 31st at midnight, but the mission of freedom and education is continuing with a more powerful product than ever! Not only can your customers receive a brand new power-packed audio seminar, but will also have access to an unbelievable Online Resource Center! This brand new Online Resource Center was previewed on Wednesday Morning’s Power-Up call, and nothing but rave reviews have been pouring in from the field. There is a tremendous opportunity to Grandfather yourself over to this brand new company by midnight May 31st. Doing this will ensure your same qualifications and maintain your existing teams as they are now with IGP. If you missed the Leadership call on Sunday, the Power-Up calls on Monday and Wednesday, and all the training calls taking place this week at 11:00 PM, then you have missed a lot! The Excitement and positive energy in the field is unlike anything we have ever witnessed! You can continue ordering GI products until June 1st, and product calls are taking place 8:00 and 10:00 PM. As far as GII Tickets, please consult with your RLC to determine the best course of action. To learn more details, and to grandfather over, please go to, again, and be sure to get with your current RLC for more details. Be on the call Saturday Morning for more information… and stay tuned for more exciting announcements and updates regarding Pinnacle Quest International, Inc. Welcome to your new life of True Freedom and Success with Pinnacle Quest. (Listed Below Is An OUTLINE For Your Information - This Is Compiled AS AN OVERVIEW ONLY!)

Please Stay CONNECTED - This Is The Best Way To Stay Up-To-Date & In The Loop! Get on the Power-Up Call, and Training Calls Monday - Thursday at 11:00 PM Eastern! Also, be on Saturday Morning's Call at 11:00 AM!

- $99.00 FEE (Credit Card, E-Check, Money Order, Check) - Must Be Done PRIOR TO JUNE 1st, 2002! - NO EXCEPTIONS!! PAPERWORK FOR GRANDFATHERING: - ON-LINE: - F.O.D.: 913-385-6560 (Document 105) (You may Have The DOCUMENT Sent to any E-FAX # - Follow The Prompts... It will FIRST Ask for the Document # you want - then the FAX # You Want The DOCUMENT Sent To)

- (Similar To Private Access) - Every Consultant Will AUTOMATICALLY Receive Upon 'Grandfathering' after June 1st, 2002. - WILL NOW ALSO BE INCLUSIVE WITH EVERY NEW CONSULTANT SIGN-UP!

4. Existing IGP and Successlinks WEB SITES:
- If you presently HAVE AN IGP WEB SITE you will AUTOMATICALLY receive a PQI WEB SITE which will RENEW as usual according to your Annual Renewal Date. - You will also RETAIN the IGP WEB SITE which will become a Marketing Web Site. (IGP will stand for I GET PAID.) The IGP Web Site will transition over sometime in June, 2002 to the Marketing Web Site. - The FIRE THE BOSS Marketing Web Site ( - will remain as a MARKETING WEB SITE with some minor changes.)

- New Product - PQI COURSE - will be available FOR ORDER the first week in June. All those who "Grandfather" over will receive an email from June 1st through June 8th letting you know when you can start sending in New Product Orders, and also ordering your own products at wholesale! - The Online Resource Center will be available instantly to all customers starting the first week in June! A Preview was given on Wednesday's Power-Up Call, and everyone was BLOWN AWAY! The NEW PRODUCT COURSE (Audio Portion) will be available for SHIPMENT August 1st, 2002. - You MUST be in the DATABASE AS A CONSULTANT & QUALIFIED to Order Product direct. - You MUST FIRST ORDER THE NEW PRODUCT YOURSELF PRIOR TO Being Able To Order For New Customers or EXISTING PRODUCT CUSTOMERS. - PRODUCT CUSTOMERS ONLY will have to place THEIR ORDER through their QUALIFIED PQI Consultant. As they are a PRODUCT CUSTOMER ONLY, they cannot Order Product. Only 'QUALIFIED CONSULTANTS' can place Orders.

PRESENTATION and PRODUCT Calls Will Continue THIS WEEK As Follows: Guest Presentation: 8:00 P.M. EST and 10:00 P.M. EST Evening Training Calls: 11:00 P.M. EST ... Be On These! Resource Calls: WWIN, ARK, DSI, HTS, and IRS CODEBUSTERS

7. SALES QUOTAS (Refer To Consultant Conditions & Policies)
As a Q1 CONSULTANT you will have NO QUALIFICATIONS to maintain to REMAIN QUALIFIED other than completion of the Annual Agreement @ $99.00 (Naturally you must be QUALIFIED FIRST!) As a Q2 & Q3 CONSULTANT you will have to maintain 1 Q1 SALE Every 2 Months to be able to accept Commissions for these Products. (Again, you MUST be Qualified FIRST at each of these Levels!) (Please REFER TO CONDITIONS AND POLICIES FOR DETAILS.)

8. Your Next Step
The complete Consultant Conditions and Policies can be found at: PLEASE STAY PLUGGED INTO THE CALLS!This will assist you ALL with the Transition!There Are SO MANY Tremendous & Exciting Changes!

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Scammers Identified

Pinnacle Quest International website -- And the scam plays on, online that is. Now that the Institute for Global Prosperity has officially collapsed, Dave Struckman is trying to recreate the "success" of that collapsed pyramid with the latest load of bull: Pinnacle Quest International.


MLM Forum  " Buy 1 for yourself and get the chance to sell your friends and family 5 and get your downline started!" We examine the multi-level marketing industry, where only the people who come up with the ideas make any money, and everybody else is left unhappy, broke, and tired of reading scripts and selling overpriced vitamins and similarly worthless products. Includes Global Prosperity, Pinnacle Quest International, IRS Codebusters, Stratia, and other new Global Prosperity scams


Two former IGP Administrators plead guilty in Fraudulent Offshore Tax Shelter Scheme -- Shoshana & Jeffrey Szuch admitted that they used a foreign bank account to conceal income paid by IGP and income earned from the sale of IGP products...
US v Szuch Information
Jeffrey Szuch Plea
Shoshanna Plea

Lawsuit Against Global Prosperity Founders -- A person who bought into the Global Prosperity Scam and then went to prison has filed a federal court lawsuit for damages against the promoters of the scam.

Ten Indicted in Offshore Tax Shelter Promoter Scheme -- A federal grand jury in Seattle returned an indictment yesterday charging the 10 defendants with 87 criminal counts, including conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service.

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Update: June 21, 2002
Even before it gets going, the Pinnacle Quest scheme starts to fall apart.


To my friends and PQI consultants,

What is this nonsense? First we are told on the conference calls before the grandfathering date that we must grandfather over for the $99 and that would keep our qualified status. NOW we must order the course in order to keep it? I think a person should have to order their course before they can make commission off sales of the product, that makes sense, but to change the rules about keeping grandfathering status (and yes I taped those calls so I have it on tape that the $99 kept our status) forget it. With all the new rules and regulations that this new PQI business is making up to "Protect" their consultants that I keep hearing about and seeing makes me feel that I am no longer considered someone who can THINK for herself. This gets more like Hitler all the time, sell this only, do that only, buy this only. Whatever happened to FREE ENTERPRISE? I had truly hoped that PQI would prove out to be every retailers dream, but good Lord, this CONTROL issue is OUT of control. You WANT to be a bunch of SHEEP People? You enjoy treating people and being treated without dignity?

I think for myself and I think PQI has some serious issues already and those will come back and bite them in the rear in the long run. I will not be party to this control nonsense. I care about people, but I don't tell them (adults no less) what they can and can not do. * * * There are retailers calling me that paid for their product that have not yet received their own resource centers. This after sending in money two weeks ago? They lost sales because of the lack of follow through. What a crying shame. I'm done, I'm out of here. Goodbye.


Attachment: Forwarded Message

To: "SPI Clients"

From: "Client Care"

Subject: PQI News

Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 10:27:01 -050

If you have grandfathered over to PQI, Remember, the deadline to order your Q1 Product to maintain your status at your released level, and to keep your existing group is Midnight EST June 30th!

To order a Q1 for any new Clients, you must also first purchase your personal Q1 Product.

Details on how to order found below!

Details on how to order products

1. Log onto
2. If you haven't logged onto this website, please go to "First Time - Click Here" Button, enter your information, and you will receive an instant email back with your password. NOTE: If you are using a or email address, or know of any clients/consultants that are not receiving their emails, have them email and give them an updated email address. The preferred email would be the one assigned to you by your ISP provider. Many and emails are being returned.
3. Go to the left bar and click "Product Order Form" button.
4. Select the appropriate product you want to order.
5. To order your own Q1 Product, you would fill in your Consultant ID Number and hit submit.
6. To order products for your Clients, follow the directions found on the rest of that form.
Check your website everyday for new announcements!
Pull Up document 117-S to become an IDEA Conference Call Member, and take advantage of their SPECIAL! New IDEA Customers can purchase 3 months of service and receive the 4th month FREE!
Remember..... All LIVE Calls, and ALL Training Calls take place on IDEA Conferencing!
Remember, to access all documents, go to or call from any phone 913-385-6560 Enter 2 and listen to instructions. You do not have to call from a Fax Machine. These documents can be faxed to any fax machine by simply entering the number of a fax machine, even if dialing from a regular phone.

Check your website everyday for new announcements

Have you heard the latest PQI News???

PQI had an awesome "Introduction to PQI Seminar" last Saturday at the beautiful Hyatt Hotel in Bellevue, Washington! This was professional recorded for future use. Speakers included: Bill Benson, Tim Madden, Sherry Jackson, Kenny Wayne, Robby Struckman, Ben Graydon, Fredric Lehrman and EC Members, Dave Struckman and Claudia Hirmer. This was an incredible event that had over 240 people who came from all over North America with just a 3 day notice! We want to thank everyone who came out and supported this first Pre-Launch Seminar! Recording is just about complete for the Q1 Course.... and it is on track for the August 1st release! This 15CD Course will be nothing other than AWESOME!

Have any questions??? email:
(Please allow 1 to 48 hours for response, depending on amount of email received.

Update: July 2, 2002
LaMantia and Andersen Rag on Struckman

To: Whom it may concern
From: Lorenzo"Zo" LaMantia and Daniel Andersen
Date: 7/2/02

Sometime in mid 2001, Dan and myself met with Dave in Toronto, Canada. At that meeting Dan and I presented Dave with ideas to make some changes in IGP that we believed would enhance IGP, it's growth and future. Dave stated strongly that he did not like our suggestions and would not go along. He left and we went back to the drawing board.

At the GII event in December of 2001 again Dan and myself met with Dave and had another meeting we thought would be a brain storming session. Again Dan and I attempted to present some additional ideas that we have been working on since our last meeting, which included thoughts on: additional products, marketing plan improvements, budget plans, re-alignment of our management philosophies and other creative thoughts. The session ended abruptly with Dave saying, "I don't want to hear it". "There will be no changes in IGP". He then stormed out.

We were shocked! Partners are supposed to plan, brainstorm,discuss and create. Partners must be able to have dialogue, especially when our agreement requires all three partners to agree on major issues. Partners do not turn their backs and walk out.

After the shock and long silence wore off, it was abundantly clear that our partnership had reached a major impasse. We knew that our partnership was in turbulent waters for some time now, with past arguments and differences,but this reaction brought us to the realization that continuing on this course would bring IGP to it's knees. We concluded that we needed to approach this situation differently if we were to ensure IGP's longevity. We recognized that with a dissident partner, any solution would be difficult.

Over the next few weeks, Dan and I spoke several times a day. We soulsearched individually and together. We each reached many conclusions simultaneously and found ourselves in full agreement.

We knew without a doubt that IGP (the founding principals of IGP) must continue and thrive. We knew that we wanted to expand our horizons and realize our dreams within and beyond IGP. We knew that beyond the problems of our partnership; we loved Dave, had a fond history, and we did not want to fight any more. Dave had made it abundantly clear that IGP was his mission and he did not want IGP to change in any way. We arrived at some answers that we thought would solve all of the above and we moved to implement these answers as transparently as possible to avoidany unnecessary "rocking of the boat."

The decision was to turn the leadership of IGP (not the ownership) over to Dave. Thus, giving him full control. He would now be able to run IGP any way he wants without clearing anything with anyone. He would insure that much of the basis of our dream would be secure with his oversight. We still would maintain our ownership and assist when requested (after all, IGP and its members have been our family too). We believed this to be the only real long-term solution.

At this time there has been virtually no communication with Dave, as our calls were not being returned. We communicated this information to Dave about 60-days before the last GII in May. We asked Mike Connaway to act as a conduit in this communication as he has in several occasions in the past. To our relief Mike told us that upon hearing this, Dave was relieved and very happy, and said, "as long as IGP can go on without changes", he was happy. It was also mentioned that a good time to announce this to the RLC would be at the GII event in May 2002. If you wish to confirm these facts with Mike, you are welcome to at

Then, imagine our astonishment,when without any prior notice at the May GII Dave informed us that he was going into PQI? We were in shock! From this point forward it was one surprise after another. He then wanted us to back him as he grandfathered everyone from IGP over to PQI. Our reactions were off base at best, we had previously made a decision to back Dave with IGP but we were blindsided and confused with the PQI decision. After letting this "coup" settle in, and realizing that without any notice or preparation we had no alternative, we decided that in the best interests of the existing marketers we would back Dave.

At the time of the May GII event, EPS had extensive bills including hotel and other penalties exceeding 600K that Dan and I would not walk out on. We had a meeting with the hotel to negotiate payment and Dave did not bother to show up. We had employees at EPS that needed to be paid and needed fair notice as they and their families would be without a job, not to mention a four-year lease we were not sure we could get out of. Only after tremendous encouragement Dave agreed to allow people to buy product at EPS until June to afford some time and resources to tighten loose ends. We promised that we would not interfere in the grandfathering from IGP to PQI, and planned to close EPS (not IGP) some time after June.

Dan and I honored our word, even though in essence our business was stolen from us, and we were essentially out of business. Then more surprises began to surface about a week after returning from GII. There was no offer of assistance to pay EPS's debts or even an inquiry as to if they were handled. We were alarmed and concerned when we heard the PQI "grand fathering of IGP" was costing nearly $100 for each enrollment! Then without notice our access to the IGP/EPS database (under contract with EPS) began to be restricted (fortunately we had a backup). Then, the website disappeared and became "I Get Paid", without any prior notice whatsoever!

So in conclusion, we were left with all the bills, had our database, website and business stolen from us, and even more disturbingly, we are witnessing the IGP membership we had so earnestly worked to protect being leveraged and treated unfairly. This was never OUR intent! At this point, after all the e-mails,complaints, cries for help, and requests for product we felt it necessary to leave EPS open to service the field's requests.

We are writing this letter because of the many e-mails and telephone calls we have received. We are told that lies are being spread about us. We have been silent long enough. You should know the truth about what has occurred. We do not want to get into a spitting match and we will not. We just want you to know that we had no part in the destruction of IGP.

IGP represents our heart and soul and we feel they have been trampled on. We will remain in integrity and we will build our new venture to heights that few ever see or even dreamed about. The original-founding principals of IGP will continue with our new venture.

To continue to receive announcements on what is happening with us, send your e-mail address to If you already responded to any previous memo from EPS there is no need to respond again.


Lorenzo "Zo" LaMantia,Co-Founder IGP
Daniel Andersen, Co-Founder IGP


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