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Diplomatic Titles &
Titles of Nobility Scam

Sometimes we sit around wondering how some people are so dumb as to fall for this one, but apparently some are.

There are several groups which are marketing various sorts of diplomatic titles with the assertion that if you buy one of these titles you will be forever free from taxes, protected as you will be by the title. This is just a blatant lie. If you are a U.S. citizen, you are liable for your taxes irrespective of what titles you may hold, whether it be a Consulate of Nigeria, Ambassador of Morocco, Czar of Uzbekistan, Knight of the Bavarian Fuzzybutt, Baron de Pompous Asse of Monaco, or the Grand Pooh-Bah of Mauritius.

Now, you might purchase one of these titles and park your car, and the parking attendant may see your Somalia Embassy license plate and decide that it is not worth it to write you a ticket -- but that will be it, and it will probably cost you at least $25,000 for this privilege, such as it is.

At one time, having one of these titles might have helped you get through U.S. Customs, but not anymore. There has been so much abuse of these titles that everybody has cracked down on them, and if you are obviously a U.S. person who is trying to use such a title to slip through Customs, you are probably much more likely to get the full examination than the average tourist.

This titles are worthless, except as conversation pieces, and they cost too much for that. Such a title will unnecessarily draw attention to you, and will end up being a tremendous headache and counterproductive for what you wanted to use it for.

If you have purchased one of these phoney-baloney titles and you still have money, call us! We've got some gorgeous ocean-front property in northeastern New Mexico that we'd like to sell you.


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