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>>> gloria amu 06/10/02 03:38AM >>>

Attention: áBrad Christensen ,

It is with heart full of hope that I write to seek your help in the context below. For this reason, I have belief that you would be ableá to execute a business presently at hand for our mutual benefit with theá hope that you will not impede the trust and confidenceá I am willing to repose in you.

I work with a Gambia basedá Privateá Veterinary firmá 'Vineyardá & Associates '. I work as the corporateá affairs manager. Iá attended a business seminar heldá at Kumasi, Ghana in JULY. 2001. At thisá seminar, Iá was introduced to one Dr. Wisdom Mensah, the PRESIDENT/CEO ofá MAR DOWELS ETS. Dr. Mensah is an accomplished and widely known farmerá in this part of the region, He is a respected personality, who specializesá in cattle and goat farms, including various agricultural products forá export.He has farms in different countries of West Africa. But aboveá all he is one of the greatest suppliers of cattle, and dairy products in this side coast. áá Realizing my profession, Dr. Mensah, took me into confidence to informá me of the enormous amount of money he spends in purchasing of a particular,á but very important medicine for his livestock. He intimated me that he buys quantities of 500-1000 cartons of this product at a time for $6000.00á per carton. He was curious to know if my organization could source aá cheaper supplier of the same product for him given the trends of fallá in the price of beef in most markets. á Anxiously at the office, I discussed this with myá company's director,á who decided it would be best if we handle the supply ourselves. We carriedá out research and discovered that we could obtain the same product at an exact cheaper price of production in Europe at $3,000.00 per carton. We immediately made a proposal to MAR DOWELS to make supply to him at $5,800 per carton for which he accepted. For my involvement in the entire arrangement, my director offered to give me a 30% of whatever profit realized on each supply I readily accepted. áOn theá OCT, 2001, the first supply of 500 cartons were made to MAR DOWELS. My director at this juncture practically forgot our understanding. When I questioned, I was given a mere token of ppreciation.á Any further protest from me was threatened with a dismissal from office. I quickly tried to repair the damage and maintain my civility but his relationship with me has ceased to be cordial.

I was under the impression that businessá between him and Dr. Mensah has also ended in a bitter note as he led me to believe. áOnly recently, I intercepted some mails from MAR DOWELS to my director. I was shocked to find out that two additional supplies have been made to them and which I was not informed. This time Dr. Mensah is requesting for a supply of 2000 cartons of the same product because of a suspectedá out break among his livestock in Republic Lome Togo, Republic Cameroon,á Niger Republicá and Ghana. He is also requestingá for another supply meant for storing of 5,000 cartons against the unpredictableá new millennium. However the 2000 cartons are more urgently needed at the moment. These letters will never reach my director's desk. Instead Iá have contacted Dr. Mensah and convinced him that I can arrange for an International supplier who can supply the same product at $5, 200 per carton. At this particular moment, Dr. Mensah, is awaiting further directive from my foreign contact and me as he has suspended all dealings with my director. I can not handle this transaction alone because I am still working for my director .á If you can handle this project, please contact me on my aboveá e-mail: for more details on how to go about it.

I contacted you because I need a foreign partner who can honestly go into business with me and willá not give me the same treatment that I hard from my Director. You just claim to be the Manufacturerá of this medicineá and I will introduce you to the manufacturingá company from where the supplies will be madeá in your name . Alláá I care for is the 30% profit after the transaction. This business could last long if wellá negotiated. I expect your urgent reply, Thank you.Best Regards,



July 12, 2002

Dearest Amu:

Sorry for not responding earlier. I too engage in ranching, but only as a hobby, and was away herding goats across the prairies of Kansas for the past month. In the United States, more people are eating goat meat these days than beef. That's all Emeril Lagasse talks about on this cooking show. "Goat fat rules," he says. I suggest you encourage your rancher to drop beef and ramp up his goat production. As sure as God made chickens, the popularity of goat burgers will reach Africa soon. Anyway, your proposal sounds extremely interesting to me. What do I need to do?

Brad Christensen


>>> gloria amu 07/16/02 11:54PM >>>

Attention: Brad Christensen,

Thank for your warm reply . Please forgive me for the late reply of your mail the reason is that I was out of my country for official duty and there was no internet cafT at that our branch office , So please forgive me about that , But it would have being nice I give you my office telephone number but it is not save for me because of my Director can intercept the telephone decoction for that it is not save to call me on phone main while I will prefer all the whole communications should be through Email mean while on till I get a personal phone as to enable us talk to each other.

Please I am very grateful with you once more again and I am promising you that you will be happy with me after this our supply Business . However how is business moving over there with you sir ? I hope by the grace of Almighty God every thing is moving smoothly.

I am pleased to inform you that the buyer is willing to make up front payment of 60% of the total cost of the product He told me that he will make this 60% down payment through T/T wire Transfer to your account as soon as he confirms the availability of the product from you by sending him your samples of the said medicine. The remaining 40% of the payment will be paid on delivery.

Alternatively, the buyer is ready to open an L/C of the total sum which is US$ 10,400,000.00. The L/C will only be open as soon as the sample is being send to the buyer and confirm to be in exact composition by his Veterinary Doctor.

About quantities required as of now is 2000 cartons . I know that in each carton it contains 24 bottles in one carton and the Manufacturing Company is in Holland and they will sell the product for us at $3,000 per carton and we will sale to the Buyer, Dr. Wisdom Mensah at the cost of $5,200 for each carton. While the Buyer was dealing with my Director, my Director made the buyer to forward to him a formal LETTER OF INTENT, which the Buyer did. So I will advice you to contact Dr. WISDOM the Buyer and asked him now to FORWARD to you a LETTER OF INTENT. As you will contact the Buyer you should tell him that I am your African representative , Please make him to know that I Ms GLORIA AMU, directed you on this issue.

NOTE :- The buyer's personal contact Phone is :
00233 24 377 663 and his Email: This is the contact of the Manufacturing Company in Holland. The companyÆs Name is called OVERSEA SERVICES LIMITED , Address: Prinsengratch 770.1105 NC, Amsterdam P. O. Box 76522 118 ZR Amsterdam Holland. Tel: 31 650586718 Fax: 31 61 9526101 Email & the Name of the officer in charge is Mr. Halloway George. Please contact them and request from them their price/quotation and the Chemical composition of their product / terms of payment.

The product in question is called ANIT MG4 COW MEDICINE. From our own research in my company and our own understanding is that this product is a Rare product, which is not widely found in most markets. If not so the buyer must have located it by himself and would not need any further assistance. But you can still give it a trial in your country that will be very fine but I would have suggested to you to get the sample from this already known company and from the sample you can take even one bottle from there and give to the Drug companies that you know as for them to see the one bottle and use it to produce the main order of the 2000cartons, Please as soon as you contacted the Buyer for the Letter of Intent you should get back to me.

We are buying from the manufacture at $ 3,000 per a carton that contains 24 bottles and we are selling it to the buyer at $ 5,200 USD per carton . The sum total of 2000 cartons is $ 10,400,000.00 He will pay 60% of the total sum that is $ 6,240,000.00 and the 40% balance ($4,160,000.00) will be paid on before seven (7) working days. The initial deposit for the manufacturing company before production is 50%, which is $ 3,000,000.00 USD, hence the total sum for the 2000 cartons will be $ 6,000,000 USD. Base on this we will make initial deposit of 50% ( $ 3,240,000.00) to the manufacture out of the initial 60% ($6,240,000.00 US) from the buyer.

Now our initial profit is $ 6,240,000 - $3,000,000 which is $ 3,240,000. The second profit is also $4,160,000 - $3,000,000 which is $ 1,160,000. Where the $4,160,000.00 is the remaining balance of 40% from the buyer and the $ 3,000,000 is the remaining 50% balance from the manufacture.

Therefore all the total profit from this transaction is $ 4,400,000.00 USD. Now my 30% share of this profit is $ 1,320,000.00 and your profit is $ 3,080,000.00 Remember that you must not disclose to the buyer the original source of the goods or else we might be out of business after the first deal. The first time my Director handled this deal, he negotiated with the manufacturing company to put his own company's address on the product label in stead of their own. You are advised to give to the manufacturing company's your own address as to be on
the label.

Thank you.
Gloria Amu (Miss)


Dear Miss Amu, Dr. Wisdom and George:

I am including all of you on this e-mail, sent from my laptop as I drive my enormous herd of goats across West Texas. As Miss Amu knows from a previous e-mail, the popularity of goat meat has surpassed that of beef in the United States. All of the best restaurants now are serving goat steaks, goat wellington and billy ribs instead of beef dishes due to overwhelming fears of Mad Cow Disease and the amazing discovery that goats actually taste better. Culinary experts suggest the varied diet of goats - everything from shrubs to tin cans - offers all of the vitamins and minerals necessary to produce a broad bouquet of flavors that will embrace and overwhelm the palate of the most discriminating connoisseur.

There already is a superior market here for goat medicine. If we are to achieve maximum benefit from this business relationship we must convert to ANIT MG4 GOAT MEDICINE now. Is this possible? If so, please send a letter of intent to me now. If not, how long will the research take?

Brad Christensen

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