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Eduado de Mello

From Bush to Broadway

>>> "eduado de mello" <> 05/07/02 11:47PM>>>

Date:May 7,2002.


I am Mr.Eduado de Mello, one of the Principal Commanders of the Union for the Total Independence of Angola,UNITA.

Well needless telling a very long story here for our story is indeed interwoven with the history of the world and the liberation struggle in the Southern African region of the African continent.

The bubble burst just a couple of weeks ago when my supreme commander, the late Dr.Jonas Savimbi was killed in an encounter with the government forces of the MPLA government of my country.The rest is now history but suffice it to say that I am tired of the unfortunate role of waging a war against my fatherland.

I have therefore decided to pull out my troupes from the bush
even if the other field commanders decide otherwise I am therefore poised to effect a new beginning in my life and I have decided to make South Africa my new home at least for the interim period until I am sufficiently sure that I would be welcome home whole heartedly by the MPLA government in Luanda the capital of Angola.

Needles to say I was the single most important commander who was very close to the late supreme commander; Dr.Jonas Savimbi.Indeed because I am a brother to one of his wives,he confided in me a great deal.The result of such trust is my reason for contacting you.

I was the commander whom he sent to deposit the sum of Thirty two million USD ($32million) with a security/finance company in South Africa.This was immediately after the events of September 11,2001 in the United States of America.Indeed it had become increasingly difficult to move large volumes of money around the world particularly for a liberation movement like UNITA hence the recourse to keeping the money with the security company in South Africa. I have decided to inherit this money which was taken out and deposited with the said security/finance company as cash in Hundred dollar denominations.The money is kept in my signature and would have been used in the purchase of arms and ammunition for the purposes of continuing the civil war in Angola.

The supreme commander is dead and as already stated I have decided
to quit the whole thing and this is without regard to the fact that other commanders may wish to continue !

I want to cooperate with you in my decision to inherit the $32million.I am still in the bush here but I have been able to establish contact with the company in South Africa to the effect that I would soon come to take possession of the money that I kept with them.

Note also that I deposited the money as a foreign national who is the head of a Mining company in Angola (Never as a commander of UNITA). If you are able to cooperate with me over this am willing to give you 20% of the $32million.

Please come back to me through email:
security/finance company is standing by to receive my instructions on this and I will link you up with them as soon as you are ready to take possession of the $32million.

Finally you are to note that in you reply, you are to state your
residential or company address and if possible send a copy of your
international passport so as to assure me that my money is safe in your hands.

Yours truly,
Eduado de Mello


Dear Mello Fellow:

Very compelling tale of intrigue that you correctly state is "interwoven with the history of the world." I am extremely interested in pursuing this wonderful opportunity. However, I am confused by your statement that you "pulled out my troupes from the bush." Troupes are theatrical performers, but I am unfamiliar with the Broadway production you are speaking of. Can you elaborate? Also, when you speak of pulling something out from the bush, a troupe isn't the first thing that comes to mind. You must be thinking of some blackberries or a bird, right? (The last sentence was added in a sincere effort to keep this e-mail clean.)

Brad Christensen

>>> "ed dm" <> 05/08/02 03:59PM >>>

Date:May 8,2002.

Attn:Brad Christensen,

This is in furtherance of our on-going negotiations. Let it be stated right-away that there are no risks associated with the transaction that I have introduced

to you. Again you must note that some of the terms you are talking about are military terminologies.Please do not interprete them out of the military context.

Note that the $32million was personally deposited with

a Security/Finance company in South Africa by myself acting on behalf of my late supreme commander;Dr.Jonas Savimbi.

To that extent no other person knows about the existence of the $32million except me.Note also that the money was deposited in my name.I was one of his closest confidants being that I am related to one of his wives.

As I write this piece my Attorney (lawyer) is standingby to receive in South Africa whoever I would appoint as my representative.The name of the attorney is Mr.C.Alexander.He is going to contact you on telephone

as soon as I have your telephone number.The attorney will contact and also avail you of a telephonenumber where you call call and talk to him. Perhaps it is necessary here to inform you that my attorney is the one who will link you up with the security/finance company that is in custody of the $32million.

Indeed you are expected to open up discussions with the attorney after which you are expected to fly into South Africa for a short visit of say 72 hours.While in South Africa you are expected to open a local transit bank account in any bank of your choice.This account is necessary because as soon as you collect the $32million, you are to pay it into the account so opened and from here you can issue wire transfer instructions to move the $32million out of South Africa and to any other bank account any other place in the world.Note also that Mr.C Alexander is going to

assist you with all these arrangements. I hope that I can work with you.I have decided to put everything about the safety of the $32million into your hands without any doubts whatsoever.I do hope that you are not going to betray my trust. Again I am still a soldier and I am still in the bush.There are a lot of disagreements here among the commanders since after the death of the supreme commander.Some want to continue;others like me want to pull out.And I am determined to do this.

>From the foregoing, it is very clear that I have proposed is not limited to money transfer.Indeed transfering the $32million into your bank account in either China or Canada is the last stage.

What is of paramount importance now is that I open up discussions with you after which I would link you up with my attorney.Once you have been linked up with my attorney, I expect that you would henceforth take the drivers seat and move into Johannesburg in order to conclude the transaction.Let me hasten to add that the attorney is not my partner.He is working for a fee of one hundred and fifity thousand USD ($150,000). But you are my partner and I am determined to entrust eveything to your care.

Note also that I do not have a regular telephone.The one I use here is satelite driven.It is number+8821646686382.You can reach me on this number for 24 hours of the day.

Again I have my small lap-top

computer here and that is why it is possible for me to

communicate with you on email.
Hoping to hear from you asap.
Mr.Eduado de Mello


Dear Mello Fellow:

Thank you for your response, although I am still confused. Troupe is not "military terminology." You were obviously speaking of a Broadway production and I only wanted to understand which one. Was it Cats or maybe Phantom of the Opera?

Also, I am very confused and a bit shocked by your statement that you are "still in the bush" and while "some want to continue, others like me want to pull out." Exactly how many are in that bush anyway??? Nevertheless, if you keep your kinky escapades to yourself, I believe we can reach agreement and tremendous riches on this business deal.

However, a trip to South Africa is not possible because company policies prohibit travel to the Southern Hemisphere. Might I suggest a journey to Dubuque, Iowa? There must be a hog or corn festival coming up soon. But if hogs are not your cup of tea, suggest an alternate location in the Northern Hemisphere. Thanks and please see attached, which may jog your memory a bit and help you answer one of my questions.

Brad Christensen



>>> <> 05/15/02 10:34PM >>>

Dear Mr Christensen,

My name is Mr Alexander and I am a lawyer to Eduardo Demello, I am writing to you from South Africa in respect of his consignment with a security company here in south africa. He has informed me of your dealings with him so far in respect of moving this consignment from here to your account.

I will want you to know that I am overseeing the project from here and I have made all necessary arrangement to enhance the movement of this consignment from here to whatever country of choice. I will also want you to know that the process of this movement entails that you will make a trip to south africa. This trip will enable you get to understand the process and it will also help us to get to know each other better and sign necessary agreement that will protect the interest of all cocerned.

I will want you to contact me through this email address or telephone No +27-73-2003958 so that we can have further discussion necessary for us to work together in this matter.



Dear Alexander:

Oh, yes Eduardo, the "Mello Fellow." He was writing at great lengths about a Broadway production, but for some reason he would not state whether it was Cats, the Phantom or something else. He also kept boasting about his X-rated escapades in the bush. Very confusing, but apparently he has a great business offer. I told him company policies prohibit trips to South Africa and I suggested as an alternative Dubuque, Iowa due to upcoming hog and corn festivals. Will you agree to meet me in Dubuque?

Brad Christensen

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