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Mother Sekhmet vs. Tony-the-Wonder-Llama

In her recent voice recording reports, Jennifer Lee states that “Mother Sekhmet has Quatloos! in her sights” and that Quatloos! Day-of-Reckoning will come when the “true NESARA law” is finally announced. (Yawn. Dove has been predicting it will be “any day now” since about 1996).

Anyhow, here’s how Mother Sekhet of NESARA matches up against Tony-the-Wonder-Llama of Quatloosia.

Mother Sekhmet Tony-the-Wonder-Llama

Mother Sekhmet is a lion lady or a Pashat. She has a human body but a head and a tail like a lion and she is 12 feet tall. She is the "Most fiercest of the Forces" as the Dove refers to her. The Pashat’s are people from a planet-spaceship called Niburu. [pronounced: knee-burr-ooo] which is at this present time is in orbit in our solar system. It has been called Wormwood by some people and Planet X by others. It is the “big rock” that the astronomers are talking about that is supposed to come out of the sky and annihilate Earth, which is a total lie. During the time of Comet Hale-Bopp, this was the mysterious object that had suddenly appeared in our solar system. The dark agenda on this planet “created” a hologram of a fake comet and, low and behold, a new “unknown” comet was found a short time later by astronomers which they called Comet Hale-Bopp. This comet was created to cover up this “mysterious” object otherwise known as Niburu.

Tony is a Llama, sometimes called a Yama. Tony has a Llama’s body, as well as a Llama’s snout, a black nose, and really good teeth. Tony is a cool and laid back Llama, but he is also a very smart Llama, which is why he is the Wonder Llama. Tony digs NASA, but has never been in space. He doesn’t have worms, and he realizes that the odds of some space rock wiping out the Earth are pretty low. Tony thought the pictures of Comet Hale-Bopp in the National Geographic were pretty cool, but he isn’t about to commit suicide to try to hitch a ride on the comet anytime soon. Tony doesn’t believe that a “Dark Agenda” exists, but he does believe that scam artists come up with some of the wildest stuff to grift money via donations out of those who want to believe that they will suddenly be getting rich for nothing. Tony doesn’t believe in Niburu, and actually has a pretty darn hard time believing that Mother Sekhmet is anything other than the result of a really bad acid trip in the 1970s.

Mother Sekhmet represents the great Mother Warrior Goddess who comes at the beginning and the end of every Yuga, which is a 26,826 year cycle, otherwise known at this present time cycle as the Kali-Yuga orbit around the great central sun, Alcyone. Mother Sekhmet and her twin flame, Lord Alcyone, have come here at this time from an Anti-Matter Universe to our Matter Universe to balance out the masculine and the feminine. At this moment in time, the masculine on this planet is totally out of balance and the feminine have been raped, pillaged and plundered to a most critical point. Things are so out of balance on this planet that prejudice, hatred and war have smothered out peace, harmony and love. Mother Sekhmet has come to correct this inequality. She has come as a Warrior Goddess. If she decides that the dark controllers of our planet, who really are her children—the wayward children, have usurped the free-will of others and are causing, chaos, destruction, mass genocide and the like; she will take them out, just as Yoda, Obi Wan or Luke Skywalker would do. These dark ones have lost their way along the path a long time ago and it is cosmic time for them to be removed. It is time for women to “wear the pants” for a change and for the great mother goddess to be acknowledged once again.

Tony represents Quatloos! the coolest of the cool anti-fraud websites. Tony likes his food like his women – hot. Tony also likes marguerites and has a penchant for cheap multicolored Mexican blankets, sombreros, and piñatas filled with corn and other Llama munchables. Tony believes in peace, harmony and love, and would never start something first, or something that he couldn’t finish. He digs Egypt, but doesn’t believe in pyramid power, crop circles, the Lock Ness Monster, mood rings, Clyde Hood or Nesara. Tony thinks that Admiral Sananda is really E.T. and wishes he would go home. He can’t believe that people are dumb enough to fall for this nonsense. Tony doesn’t like war, but he does have a “Don’t Tread on Me Attitude” and usually carries a large knife in his teeth, which is usually used to skin avocados and slice limes to make guacamole with. Tony likes most Mexican food, but can’t get into fish tacos. Tony also likes the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings movies, but realizes that those are fiction and not real life. Being a Llama, Tony doesn’t wear any pants, but he does have a large collection of bandanas. The title Wonder Llama doesn’t bother Tony because he is confident in himself and his abilities, and doesn’t have to defraud or cheat people to make his way in the world.

The last time Sekhmet was here was about 4,000 years ago during the Ancient Egyptian period. She lived in a body at that time for 3,000 years. She is now back to bring balance at the end of this 26,826 year cycle.

Tony is in the here and now and lives on the Island of Qua, the motherland of Quatloosia, which is shaped sort of like Oklahoma except that it is in the middle of the Atlantic, somewhat north of the Falklands. Tony doesn’t own a cycle.

Mother Sehkmet
[click on Mother Sehkmet for what she says about the true NESARA law]

[click on Tony for what he says about Mother Sehkmet and NESARA]

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