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Porcine Princess Chronicles

Part 1

>>> "princessmaria ojo ofem" 07/08/02 07:28PM >>>
The Royal Palace of Ogoni Kingdom,
Ogoin Oil Community, Barr-Ogoni Kingdom,

Dear Brad Christensen ,


I am Princess Maria Ojo , daughter of Chief ofem
Ojo, the king of Ogoni Kingdom. I am 27 years old and
a graduate of Mass Communication.
My father was the king of Ogoni Kingdom the highest
oil producing area in Nigeria. He was in charge of
reviving royalties from the multi-national oil
Companies and government on behalf of the oil producing
Communities in Nigeria. After the hanging of the
Ogoni Nine(9) including Ken Saro Wiwa by the late
dictator General Sani Abacha, my father suffered
stroke and died in March 27th last year. But before
his death, he called me and told me he has Twenty Three
Million Five Hundred and Sixty Thousand Dollars
(USD23,560,000.00) cash in his possession, specially
deposited in a Security vault company here.
He advised me not to tell anybody except my mother who
is the last wife of the (6) six wives that he
married. My mother did not bear any male child for
him. Which implies that all my father?s properties,
companies e.t.c., we have no share in them because my
mother has no male child according to African
Tradition. My father therefore secretly gave me all
the relevant documents of the said money, and told me
that I should use this money with my mother and my
younger sisters because he knows that traditionally, if
he dies we cannot get anything, as inheritance.
He importantly advised me that I should seek foreign
assistance and that I should not invest this money
here in Nigeria because of his other wives and male
children who happen to be my elders. I am soliciting
for your immediate assistance to get a Bungalow for
us, where I will live with my mother and two younger
sisters and further advise me where and how I will
invest the balance money overseas, possibly on
products of your company and other profitable ventures.
I believe that by the special grace of God, you will
help us move this money out of Nigeria to any country
of your choice where we can invest this money
judiciously with you. You are entitled to a
reasonable part of this money based on our agreement,
and God will bless you as you help us.
PLease reply through my e-mail
Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible.

Remain blessed.

Princess Maria Ojo.


My Dear Princess Ojo:

The story of your plight, while saddening me greatly, also stirs wonder and amazement about the enormous powers of your father's gifted attorney . To have been married six times and still have $23 million after the alimony and child support is an incredible feat indeed! Anyway, I am extremely interested in helping you out. I am knowledgeable of a great many investment opportunities in the United States, the Kingdom of Fredonia, and a land called Oz. Let's get started.

Brad Christensen


>>> "princessmaria ojo ofem" 07/11/02 05:38AM >>>
Dear Mr Brad,

More greetings from the palace of Ogoni Kingdom.

How are you today and your work? Hop very all right. If so, thanks be to God. Thanks a lot for your
email I have received today. Am sorry for coming up a beat late. It was due to the little cultural
celebration we had day before yesterday and yesterday as well.

I really think if I say I have gotten another person to replace my late father the king, I must be correct
because of the way you sound. Neverthless, let me sequentially answer the few questions you raised.
Actually, you must have known that, Nigeria is highly blessed with crude oil resources and all these
oil resources are all vested in our kingdom, the Ogoni kingdom. Eventually, my father by the grace of
God happens to be the king of the kingdom until his untimely death. In the mean time, my step brother
has already been installed to succeed subject to our customs and tradition.

My father was a very wealthy man before he died even though he married not 6 but 8 wives with my
mother as the last among the 8. Fortunely my mother and I, she happens to had the first female of the
royal family which is me. This is the reason why I am a princess. Evidently, these circumstances made
my father to love my mother and I so much, and that was what made him to save these money with the
security company for me. One other important point I must mention here that also propelled my father
to save this money for me was the fact that, our culture, customs and tradition here did not allow women
no matter your statue to inherit any property from the belongings of your late father. My father having
prempted what will happen to us if he eventually dies made out this good plan for me. I really thank God
for that and I will continue to be grateful to him.

However, even though I am always highly involved in a lot of traditional activities here, which is a situation
I cannot help unless if am out of NIgeria, I still realize the person of Jesus christ as the only through God
and him alone I have chosen to serve for the rest of my life. I only pray for his grace and courage to be
doing what am doing now until the day he will see me out of Nigeria. You can't believe that since the death
of my father, my movement is been monitored in and outside the palace by the palave security.

Before ever I concluded chosen you, I prayed and fasted fervently for his grace and I still hope you will not
disappoint me more especially when the money gets to you in US. Upon this note, I would want you to
assure me the confidntiality of the transaction and the security of the money before we continue.

Once, am assured with all your heart, I will then link you with my late father's former financial advise who
would in turn give you all the modalities he has in place to lift this money out of Nigeria in the most risk
free manner.

Finally, I have also this morning informed my mother about you before this reply and she extends her
sincerely glad to you.

I will stop hear until I hear from you soon. God bless you and your family.

I remain yours,



Dear Princess Ajo:

I understand the delay in your reply because I enjoy cultural celebrations from time to time, especially when Packers games are televised locally. Can't beat brats and beer.

Again it saddens me to hear that your statue cannot inherit money, which indicates it is only good enough for pigeon droppings. This is disgraceful and unfair and I am eager to help out in any way possible. As I mentioned before there are many investment avenues in the United States, Fredonia, Oz, Vulcan and Mayberry RFD.

Regarding confidentiality, I will keep your secret under my hat, which is at home, stored safely in the closet. Please tell me more about yourself and how I can help. I have attached a photo of me. It was taken about 10 years ago, but people say I look exactly the same today, even with the loss of one eye in a hunting accident and several skin cancer surgeries. Can you please send me a photo of yourself?

Brad Christensen



>>> "princessmaria ojo ofem" 07/12/02 05:51AM >>>
Dear Mr. Brad,

How are you and your work there? I have received your
email this morning which is well
understood and am so happy to have your lovely picture with me. You really look handsome.
Laugh!!!. I have also this morning tried to scan one for you and for your love for tradition, I
scanned the one I took with traditional out fit. In fact I took it the last time my late father made
an outing few months before his death. I attached it here. Hope you will like it. I also felt sorry to
hear you lost one of your eyes during hunting. More importantly, I felt so happy for your assuring
me the confidentiality of this transaction to ascertain our security and also the line of investment
opportunities you have lined up waiting for my arrival in the US.

Meanwhile, my first meaning of your assisting me is
for you to become the beneficiary of this fund, of
which we are making arrangements to put your name as
the beneficiary in the security company.

Based on what I told you about my family in my first
email, that I don't want my polygamous family members
to know that the money belongs to us. The money was
registered as gift items by my late father. The
security company doesn't know the contents of the
luggage. They only know it as a gift.

It is only you, my late father's financial adviser Mr
Nnanna Scotty, my mother, my younger sister and I that
knows about this. Mr Nnanna Scotty has been with my
late father for thirteen years before his honourable
death. He is the only person that can give you the
modalities of how the money can come to you.

I would have loved it so much if you can call him for
further discussions. His direct line is 234-1-7753681. Or email
him on his email address; (

If you call him and explain yourself to him, he will
understand because, I have told him with my mother
everythig about you.Just feel free to call him.

You can equally call my line, my number is
234-1-4807139. If you call and did not get me
directly, you will get my personal body guard by name
peter and tell him you want to talk with me.

Finally, I have trusted you and imploring you to take
this transaction as yours, since I have taking you as
my father and brother.

Don't fail to call my late fathers financial adviser,
Mr Scotty for thorough briefing and I am also
expecting your call.

God bless you.



Dear Princess Ajo:

What a lovely photograph. And, my, what a beautiful necklace. I have accumulated a great many cardboard cylinders in the restroom and have been wondering what to do with them. I am more enthusiastic than ever about the possibility of a long-lasting partnership that will bring us great riches and much joy. I noticed that you wrote the word "laugh" after saying I looked handsome. I assure you, dear, that I remain extremely handsome and virile despite my advanced age. I even do one push-up each day to retain my competitive edge.

Regarding the request for me to call Nnanna Scotty or you, regretfully I cannot. You will have to call me. Several years ago I imposed a policy on my company in which no long distance calls are allowed to Africa because my employees were spending all their time calling elephant tusk dealers. Currently it is very popular in the U.S. to use tusks as hood ornaments. You will find my phone number below my name. I await your call.

Brad Christensen

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