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Porcine Princess Chronicles

Part 7

>>> Mr Nnanna Scotty 08/10/02 04:22AM >>>

Brother Brad,

We are shock as I got your mail with news about the
death of your friend¦s mother, may her gentle sole
rest in perfect peace.

Next week is ok; this will as well give us time to
arrange for our traveling.

I am sure if Mr. Johnson calls you on phone and could
not get you he will send email before you come back on
Monday. So once you return on Monday before you fly
you should first contact Mr. Johnson with any contact
address he give either by phone or email and fix the
claiming date to enable him arrange for the deliver of
the Gift to us.

Please as you return back on Monday, also let me know
the phone number and room number of the Hotel to
enable us locate the Hotel when we arrive Thailand.
You have as well choosing a good Hotel.

We wish you save journey for the burial funeral,
except to hear from you on Monday as soon as you are

God bless.


>>> "lamin lamin" 08/12/02 05:57AM >>>






>>> princess maria 08/12/02 06:52AM >>>


I am very worried because, I need to hear from you.
Are you back from Idaho? What about Mr Squiggy? Have
you also heard from the man in Thailand concerning the
arrival of the consignment and subsequent booking of
the appointment with him? The consignment according to
the security company must have arrived their office in
Bangkok Thailand by latest Friday last week.

Am happy to inform you that we have been able to get
our flight ticket money infact, everything about our
leaving for Thailand is ready. We got money by selling
my mother's car. We also find out that, we could get
flight to Thailand any day and we are just ready for
it once we hear from you.

Mr Scotty is also ready.

Dear, the stress I went through to get this money
really effected my birth day celebrations and I missed
you so much too.

I wait to hear from you today.

This is your Princess.


Dearest Most Voluminous Slattern in the Land:

So marvelous to hear from you after a very sad and emotionally draining funeral. Squiggy, poor soul, had a very tough time of it. He now says he is retiring from the compost business due to an overwhelming fear that simply picking up a shovel will cause him to re-experience the immeasurable grief of his mother's burial. I am thankful we finished our work on the mansion last week!

Now for some fantastic news: I have received word from Lamin Johnson that the consignment has arrived, and I will reply to him just as soon as I'm through with this e-mail.

Now for some incredibly fantastic news: I have booked a flight that leaves tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug. 13) at 7:30 a.m. and arrives in Bangkok, Thailand on Wednesday, August 14, at 10:50 p.m. It is United Airlines flight 875. Total travel time is more than 25 hours, so I'll be getting plenty of beauty rest for my Princess. I have packed your presents, including some surprise gifts, my glowing-pirate eye patch and $50,000 to reimburse you for your troubles. I assure you this will be an experience you'll never forget.

I suggest that you and Scotty also arrive as early as possible on Thursday morning so we can get started immediately. Go directly to the Windsor Suites Hotel, where I have reserved two Minister suites (their largest rooms). The hotel's address is 8-10 Sukhumvit Soi, 20 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok. The phone number is 662-262-1234. I tried calling from Arizona, but couldn't get through due to my persistent difficulties in placing international calls. I therefore reserved the rooms via e-mail and received immediate confirmation. The hotel's web site is

Until we meet, my love will remain trapped like creatures under a rock, struggling to experience sweet daylight. Yes, if I am the sugar in your tea, and you are the sweetener in my coffee as well as the lox on my bagel, the butter on my bread and the mustard on my wiener. You are everything. You are morning, noon and night to me. You are the beautiful songbird at the glorious sunrise. And I, well I am the walrus. Coo-coo-ca-chew.

With overpowering love and affliction,



Dear Mr. Scotty:

I have received an e-mail from Mr. Johnson carrying the absolutely wonderful news that the consignment has been approved and everything is in order for our meeting in Bangkok.

I have booked a flight that leaves tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug. 13) at 7:30 a.m. and arrives in Bangkok, Thailand on Wednesday, August 14, at 10:50 p.m. It is United Airlines flight 875. I have opened a bank account for receipt of the funds. I also will be bringing plenty of cash with me to help defray any expenses.

Please arrive with the Princess as early as possible on Thursday morning so we can get started immediately. Go directly to the Windsor Suites Hotel, where I have reserved two Minister suites (their largest rooms) for us. The hotel's address is 8-10 Sukhumvit Soi, 20 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok. The phone number is 662-262-1234.

I already have provided my dearest Princess and Mr. Johnson with my flight schedule and hotel information.

All the best until we meet,



>>> Mr Nnanna Scotty 08/12/02 12:12PM >>>

Dear Brother Brad,

Thanks for your mail, we thank God that every thing is
working out as planed. We are happy that you have
confirmed that the Gift is now in Thailand.
We are set to travel tomorrow night, Princess and her
mother has been able to raise the ticket money but
when I went to the airline this afternoon, I find out
that the money is not enough for the ticket and basic
traveling Allowance (BTA).

Please, as a matter of urgency, you must send to us
today by Western Union Money Transfer $4,500 to
complete the Basic Traveling Allowance and the air
ticket as the money Princess and her mother raised is
not enough.

For directives on how to send the money, please
contact the Western Union Money Transfer Office in USA
with telephone number 8003256000. Tell them that you
want to send money to Nigeria; they will direct you on
how you will send it. It is the only way money can be
send and we get it same day.

The name to use is;

As soon as you send the money, send the control number
to me immediately to enable us leave by tomorrow
night. If we were able to leave for Thailand by
tomorrow night, we will be in Thailand by Thursday
morning and once we arrive, we will move straight to
the hotel.

Please, do not give excuse for not sending this money,
as it will frustrate our plans of moving tomorrow.
There is no other way for us to get more as you see,
Princess and her mother have sold her motherÆs car.

God bless you as I wait for your urgent reply.



Dear Mr. Scotty:

I am sorry, but as I have said before I am a wealthy businessman who did not get that way by foolishly sending money sight unseen! I do not know you personally, and while you appear to be a trustworthy soul, there is a small possibility that you could keep the money I send you and not allow the Princess to fly to meet me. That is a risk I cannot take because I cherish my courtesan Princess. As I mentioned previously, I am bringing plenty of money with me (more than 10 times the amount you quoted below) and will make a full reimbursement of all expenses and fees paid to date.

I am seriously thinking about canceling my trip to Thailand in favor of simply flying my Princess directly to the United States to be with me right away and permanently. I have not mentioned this to you, but I happen to have plenty of money in which I could support the Princess in grand style for the rest of her life. Please let me know your thoughts in this regard because I have already booked my flight to Bangkok and would need to cancel right away.

Warm regards,



>>> Mr Nnanna Scotty 08/12/02 02:12PM >>>

Brother Brad,

Do not cancel your flight schedule. We are not beggars
and we have not told you any lies. I only told you our
problem. If up till this time you have not trusted me,
I believe by the time we meet in Thailand, you will
believe in me and also trust me.

I will try to see if I can borrow money here but if by
the end of tomorrow, am unable to get money, I will
send Princess ahead of me with the money we have to
meet you in Thailand tomorrow night so that by the
time you claim the gift, you send money for me to meet
you up in Thailand.

Stay Blessed.



Dear Mr. Scotty:

I will take you at your word that you will be able to earn my trust and respect. As such, I will move forward with my flight plans and depart promptly at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow for Bangkok where I finally will be united with my Princess. Hopefully you also will be able to make the trip and assist us with the financial transaction.

Looking forward to seeing the Princess, and you, too, on Thursday morning.

All the best,

Brad Christensen


Wonderful Princess, Mr. Scotty and Mr. Johnson:

Just a brief note to let you know I have arrived safely in Bangkok with my laptop, gifts and money. However there has been an unfortunate complication. The stupid twit of a cab driver dropped me off at the wrong hotel. I clearly told him to bring me to the Windsor Suites Hotel and he nodded as if he understood. While driving, I kept talking about my corpulent Princess and how eager I was to meet her, and he kept nodding. Apparently his tiny brain did not understand much English because he focused on the word "Princess" and dropped me off at the Royal Princess Hotel on Larn Luang Road. Before I realized his mistake, he was gone.

At that point, after at very bumpy 25-hour flight, I was too exhausted to deal with another cab driver and hunt for the Windsor Suite Hotel. Therefore I decided to spend the night here at the Royal Princess. When I awake tomorrow morning I will come immediately to the Windsor Suites and connect with my Princess and my newfound brothers. See you then, but for now good night.

With everlasting love and affliction,



>>> "lamin lamin" 08/14/02 09:23PM >>>





>>> Mr Nnanna Scotty 08/15/02 03:25AM >>>


Where are you? Have checked you in the hotel and did
not see you. Very confused and frustrated here and
need to hear from you very urgent.

Please get back to me immediately.



Dear Mr. Scotty:

Didn't you see my last e-mail? The idiot cab driver brought me to the wrong hotel. I was going to come to Windsor Suites directly after sleeping the night at the Royal Princess Hotel, but now I'm worried and unsure about this whole arrangement. Why hasn't the Princess contacted me at all since last weekend? I fear that you have left her in Africa and that this may be a setup for a huge disappointment on my part. Where is my porcine strumpet? What have you done with her? I will temporarily go to another hotel until I hear word from my Princess that everything is okay and that she has arrived in Bangkok.

Brad Christensen


>>> Mr Nnanna Scotty 08/15/02 08:26AM >>>

Dear Brad,

I have been expecting big supprises from you, and here
is it.

We will be boarding the next available flight back to
Nigeria. We will still get anther person who will help
us to claim out the gift.

I will get back to you for power of attorney that will
enable anther person to take over from you.




Dear Mr. Scotty:

Go right ahead because I am not interested in this deal without the ability to meet my Princess. As you know, I am independently wealthy and will simply take my gifts and money with me back to Gila Bend. I am very disappointed in you Scotty. Why did you lure me to Bangkok and then not bring the Princess with you???

Brad Christensen


Dear Mr. Scotty:

I have relocated to a hotel on Sukhumvit Road that is near the Windsor Suites so that I can attempt to monitor your activities through a telescope. I have decided to stay here one full week to provide sufficient time for the Princess to arrive. Please have her send word as soon as she reaches Bangkok. Perhaps we can patch up our misunderstanding and get moving once again on our business partnership.

All the best,



Dearest Porcine Princess:

Where are you and are you alright? I have not heard from you since Monday and I fear the worst - that Scotty has left you in Africa, possibly bound and gagged, for reasons known only to him. I am here in Bangkok, but not at Windsor Suites. I am at a nearby hotel awaiting word from you that are well and have arrived. I do not trust Scotty yet and have no intention of meeting him unless you are with me.

I am very worried that something dreadful has happened to my Princess. I am wondering if Scotty has beaten you or chained you up because it is not like you to abruptly break off communications with the apple of your eye and the sugar in your tea. My money, my gifts and, most of all, my love await you, my sweet melon. I cannot eat. I cannot sleep. My eye-socket discharges are out of control. Anxiety is slowly consuming my innards as I wait worried and fretful here in Bangkok for your heartfelt reply.

With abundant love and affliction,

Brad Christensen


Dear Wonderful & Possibly Dead Princess:

I have not heard from you in a week, despite my desperate e-mails seeking information on whether Scotty brought you to Thailand with him, or if he left you in Africa bound and gagged in a cold, dark basement somewhere. Certainly you would have responded to me by now!!!

That is why I fear for your life and believe there must have been some type of foul play. If you are alive and well respond immediately to this e-mail. Otherwise I shall have no alternative other than to alert the Nigerian Police, the FBI, Secret Service, the Royal Canadian Mounties, and all other law enforcement agencies and available security guards. I will send them all to Mr. Scotty's address at:

Suite C3/C5,
Beach Plaza,
Plot 1412, Ahmadu Bello Way,
Victoria Island, Lagos.

Once they jail Scotty, I am hopeful the interrogation will provide information leading to your whereabouts. I only hope and pray my corpulent trollop is alive, even if beaten beyond recognition and missing a few limbs.

With abundant love and affliction,

Brad Christensen

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