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Porcine Princess Chronicles

Part 6

>>> Mr Nnanna Scotty 08/05/02 09:47AM >>>

Dear Brother Bradford,

Thanks for your email. By tomorrow, I will move ahead
to order the shipment and as soon as I finish, I will
inform you the date that we should be in Thailand.

The shipment could have been done today but because,
the needed $31,500 for storage/demurrage fee have not
been completed. Princess and her mother have been able
to raise $26,500 while we still need $5000 to complete

Possible, we are going to add up the money we could
have used to buy ticket to Thailand to complete the
money. That means, we will depend on you for our
ticket fare to Thailand. I only hope you will be able
to assist us as every expenses made will be paid pay
back as soon as we claim the gift in Thailand.

God Bless.



Dear Mr. Scotty:

I am a businessman who deals strictly in cash transactions and have amassed a substantial personal fortune by conducting business in this manner. In fact, I do not even have a bank account. Instead I have a large safe in my mansion where I keep my money, my gold and other valuables. This is why I need to know how much money I need to bring with me to Thailand. I intend to reimburse all your travel costs while in Thailand, so please keep an accurate record of those expenses. I also intend to reimburse the Princess for the full cost of the storage fee. I am thinking of bringing approximately $42,000 with me to Thailand. Do you think that amount will be sufficient? Please advise because I do not want to run short.

Brad Christensen


>>> princess maria 08/05/02 11:39AM >>>

My Darling/most favorite,

Let me tell you one thing you must understand which am
sure you will hadly believe. You are the first Man I
have fallen in love with even though, I have not seen
you. May be I will attribute it to my statue or the
way my father brought me up. Off course, you should
know am a public figure, I don't know a lot of people
that know me very well. Even when I was an
undergraduate, I was never allowed my own freedom let
alone messing arround. However, it is not a thing of
regret, at least, that gives me the pride am enjoying
today. Dearest, am assuring you that you are the apple
of my eyes.

In fact, my mom was compelled to ask me last saturday
if am getting crazy or what! This is because, I know
something is flowing in me. It is always my wish to be
on phone with you all the time.

I feel so bad to hear you tried my number and it
wasn't going. Just don't know why the phone gets crazy
atimes more especially when I needed it most. The only
little reason I have is that, the handset is old.

I understand, you wanted to take my birthday gift to
Thailand? Anyway, I actually had wanted them here
before we travel to Thailand because, I could have
loved to put on the dress with shoe to Thailand but if
you prefer other wise, no problems.

Dearest, I am passing through another trouble now, you
remember I told you earlier that, the money my mom and
I saved to pay the security company for their deposit
and demurrage charges that, I have spent $23,560 out
of it for the court approvals. Now, I was asked to pay
the money $31,500 to the company to enable the
shipment be done. I cannot but try to complete the
money with the one we kept for our flight fare to

I am still thinking of how to raise another money for
the ticket. Consequently, Mr Scotty is going to order
the shipment by tomorrow. Darling, I don't mean to
bother you much but could you assist us in this
problem? If you can, I will so much appreciate it. We
will be three in Number that is, My very self, Mr
Scotty and his friend who works with our central bank
and who is coming to assist in opening a bank account
in your name in Thailand where the money will
immediately be deposited after claiming it from the
officials of the security company. After that, the
money will then finally be further transfered to your
bank account in USA.

Dearest, as we find it very difficult to get ourselves
on phone, can we chat by tomorrow that is around 5pm
Nigerian time. Though, I know it won't be easy for me
to leave the palace by that time and your job too. If
we can't, can you call me on Mr Scotty's phone by that

I expect you reply as soon as you receive this mail to
know which one that will be possible.

This is your Darling forever,



My Most Plenteous Courtesan:

You indeed are a treasure and an enormous dream come to life.

Now I must confess a small fact I have withheld from you for fear it would influence our relationship and prevent me from discovering the real you. I am a millionaire, and quite an eccentric one at that. I have not told you this previously out of fear that you would be interested in me only for my money. I no longer harbor such thoughts because I believe your love is pure, boundless and true.

I therefore confess that I have $2.65 million in gold, money and other holdings in a large safe in my mansion. I have accumulated this fortune by dealing strictly in cash transactions with business partners. In fact, I do not even have a bank account. The bank account we open in my name in Thailand will be the first I have ever had in my life. I will not send money through the mail because I have tried that in the past and it has been lost or stolen. Therefore, please find a means to travel to Bangkok because once you get there you will be fully reimbursed by me for all your expenses, including the security company fees.

I have indicated to Scotty that I have some money (I mentioned $42,000, which I said I'll be bringing to Thailand for reimbursement purposes), but not the full extent of my wealth, so please, Princess, keep that as our secret for now until I get to know Scotty better. I have learned in life that there are many people in this world who would like to get their hands on my millions.

With abundant love and affliction,

Your Brad


>>> princess maria 08/06/02 07:24AM >>>

The apple of my Eyes,

You have really spoilt me to the extent that, I hadly
think about any other thing than you. This email gave
me a lot of hopes and believes.

Thanks a lot for this confession. You see, I
misunderstood you when we started, not knowing that
God has given me another father as darling. I do not
blame myself 'cause, am only a novice in that aspect
of life. Just like I told you earlier and you
confirmed it, I don't think true love has to do with
physical appearance and I don't also think that love
has anything to do with money. Love is emotional.

Do you know that my father before he died had prepared
me to marry one Prince from a royal family like myself
but I refused. I only made my father understand that,
I do not look at material wealth. Not because am from
a wealthy family or becuase people say am beautiful.
My believe is that, when I see the person the Lord has
in stock for me, I will know.

I have made God my guidian and protector.

Yes Dear, I don't tell Mr. Scotty anything about my
private life. I only tell him about the transaction
and that is all but I must assure you, I will not tell
him about your been rich ok. It is also important to
tell you little about Mr. Scotty here. He has been
with my late father for 13years as his financial
adviser before his untimely death and his position
made him to be very close to us in the palace. This
and because he is aware of this money are the reasons
why I contacted him for this transaction. Am assuring
you, he is a very good person and recommended to recon

Dear, did I hear you say you never had bank account?
In fact, this is highly needed as this money have to
be transfered to an account from Thailand or have you
forgoten? Please, try to open one and keep it ready
ok. This is very important.

Following my payment of $31,500, we have been able to
order the shipment today and the security company said
that the consignment will arrive in Bangkok, Thailand
by Thursday and it is expected that, when it arrives,
the officials in Thailand will call you indicating the
arrival of the consignment and sudsequentely giving
you an appointment for claiming the consignment.

More so, I quite appreciate your coming over with
enough money but please understand that, as soon as we
are able to claim this money from the security
company, we will have enough money to make other
We only needed money to pay the security company for
the delivery charges in Thailand after which they go
and we have the money. According to the airway bill
they gave us which I have asked Mr Scotty to attach
for you, the delivery charges was $28,000 and that is
the only money needed in Thailand.

Dearest, I am really expecting you to assist me on
that payment please as I am already in a serious
shortage of money after all these payment of which, I
am still thinking on how to raise our air ticket.

Mr Scotty had earlier submited our documents for
Thailand visas and I am looking earnestly to our
meeting in Thailand very very soon. Remember to keep
yourself for me and me alone.

I wait to hear from you very soon.

This is your Princess.


Dearest Most Copious Slattern on Planet Earth:

Thank you for your marvelous e-mail. My love now breathes hotter than a four-alarm taco and burns brighter than a 100-watt bulb. It knows no bounds and it never rests. It sees you when you're sleeping and knows when you're awake. It hungers for your soft lips as it stands guard throughout the night.

My love is bigger than a bread basket and as endless and beautiful as an ocean with no sharks and no irritating salt residue. If I am the apple of your eye, you certainly are the melon of my mine. And soon we will be together as one glorious fruit salad. I am counting the minutes, seconds and fractions of seconds until that happy day arrives!

Thanks for the information about Scotty. It makes me feel more trusting of him. But please still do not mention my $2.65 million in holdings to him just yet. I have opened a bank account, but only for the temporary receipt of the transferred money. I do not trust banks at all and once I return to Gila Bend my share of the money will go directly into my vault.

I still intend to bring at least $42,000 with me to Thailand to reimburse you completely for your expenses and to pay for the hotel and meals of all of us. Please see what you can do to raise airfare because I simply do not send money through the mail. You will only need to buy one-way tickets since I will bring money to Thailand for your trip to the USA.

I should tell you that the project to correct the mansion's severe tilt was progressing well ahead of schedule until we hit a roadblock yesterday afternoon. As you may recall, the northern end of the mansion dipped at a 45-degree angle due to sudden ground subsidence and an error on Squiggy's part. Well, we excavated underneath the south foundation until nearly reaching the middle. Then we dug underneath the western and eastern foundations as far as we could. Now the mansion is supported only in the middle and we fear that if we dig any more it will fall and crush us into an unsightly puree. The vault has been moved directly to the center to keep the mansion balanced. Now even a gentle breeze will cause the whole structure to spin slowly like a merry-go-round. I am thinking of keeping it this way because the movement feels very comforting. I think you'll like it very much.

That's all for now. With abundant love and affliction,



>>> Mr Nnanna Scotty 08/06/02 09:38AM >>>

From : Nnanna Scotty

To : Brother Bradford,

Everything is set as we have finally ordered the
shipment today. It was really difficult before
Princess could complete the $31,500, which was paid to
the Strong Room of the security company before the
release of the consignment to the shipping department
who now shipped the consignment to Thailand. Find
attached receipt for the payment.

Find attached also copy of the Airway bill for the
shipment by the security company. The security company
tells us that the gift will reach Bangkok (Thailand)
by Thursday or Friday. Looking at the airwaybill, we
will not need up to $42,000 as you budgeted since the
waybill only speld out only $28,000 and you know as
soon as we claim the box, we have enough money for
every other expenses we may need.

The Security Company told us that their delivering
officer in Thailand Mr. Lamin Johnson will contact you
as soon as the consignment reaches Thailand. Your
phone number and email address is being included in
the Airwaybill to enable them contact you.

By tomorrow, we will be proceeding to the traveling
agency to arrange for our coming over so that we will
meet in Thailand. I will be coming with the Gift code
and the key so that once we receive the Gift we can
open a domiciliary account, arrange and deposit the
money in the account. You are to immediately arrange
for your traveling to Thailand and as soon as you have
a date to be in Thailand you let me know so that I
will work our flight schedule on the same date.

It is obvious that we will be having problem in
raising air ticket as all the cash at hand has been
spent today. Princess and her mother are still looking
for a way to raise the money as you they cannot go and
borrow people money because of their statues. However,
we will up date you as the day goes on possible before
this people confirm the arrival the consignment in
Thailand. I will be able to tell you if we were able
to raise the ticket money or not because, that remains
the only outstanding problem. To send money here, will
only be possible by Western Union Money Transfer which
is electronics transfer. With that, we get money the
same day you send it.

I expect your return mail confirming your traveling


Nnanna Scotty.


Dear Mr. Scotty:

Good news. There is a United Airlines/Northwest flight that leaves Phoenix tomorrow (Wednesday) and arrives in Bangkok, Thailand at 11:25 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 8. This would allow us to conduct our business this Friday, before the weekend. Will this work for you? Please respond promptly because I need to buy my tickets right away and also make hotel reservations for us all.

Brad Christensen


My Dearest Corpulent Trollop and Scotty:

Suddenly there is bad, horrid and terrible news. Squiggy's mother, who is a long-time friend of mine, has passed away in Boise, Idaho. The funeral is scheduled for this weekend and I will be flying to Boise tomorrow to assist Squiggy and his family with arrangements. This means we will have to wait until next week to meet in Thailand, something that compounds my grief and sadness immeasurably.

I will be back in the office on Monday, August 12, and unfortunately will not have access to my e-mail until that time. On Monday, however, I intend to make immediate arrangements to take the first plane out of here to Thailand.

Scotty: This Lamin Johnson person you mentioned has not yet contacted me. Is this a problem since I will not be available until Monday?

Princess: You are the melon that makes the fruit salad taste so sweet, and as the apple of your eye, my juices await your tender squeeze. It pains me so that our lips will not meet 'til next week. It seems it's such a long and winding road that leads to your heart. I imagine the day I'll be saying, good day, sunshine, as we stroll through strawberry fields forever. But right now I simply feel like the fool on the hill.

I have had the opportunity to investigate several hotels and below have attached photos of one called the Windsor Suite Hotel at 8 Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. It is a prestigious five-star hotel with massage service, sauna room, whirlpool jacuzzi, squash courts and horseback riding. I am planning to reserve two of their largest rooms, called Minister Suites, for the three of us.

I will be thinking of my sugar plum throughout the funeral.

With everlasting love and affliction,



>>> princessmaria34 08/07/02 04:44 >>>

The sugar in my tea,

Very very happy to read two mails from my dearest
and ever precious one. You know what!!,my breakfast for
the past days weeks is always your sweet mails. Am
already satisfied this morning with these two heart
melting ones.

Your perfect choice of hotel added colours to my
over fed belly. I looked at the picture and I immediately
asumed to have been there already with you. As I
always tell you; I remain grateful to God for
meeting you.

I felt so sorry about squiggy's mother's death. So
you will be traveling to Idaho to be with him? Thats
very ok and it implies the wise saying, " a friend in
need is a friend in deed" Actually, we were planning to
be in Thailand by next week before the news because, we
anticipated our meeting to be at the same time with
the arrival of the consignment/appointment in
Thailand. Again, Mr Johnson not to have contacted
you is not late at all because, according to what they
told us in the security company's office here, they
said their official in Thailand; one Mr Lamin Johnson
will contact you as the beneficiary right after the
arrival of the consignment in Thailand. Hence, you
should be expecting Mr Johnson's contact as from
Thurday that is tomorrow and Friday.

We also included your email addresses in the shipment
airway bill in case they find it difficult like us to
get you on phone. This is the reason why Mr Scotty
and I felt our traveling should be as from Monday with
reference to your appointment with Mr Johnson.

Frankly, I am so happy to hear you have opened an
account in US. This is very good for this money.

Dearest, you are so sweet, imagine!! you have given
me a clear picture of what I should be expecting in
Gila Bend. You do that on daily bases. I like that so
much and as Mr Squiggy is presently mourning his mother,
the job has to stop for some time now and probably
will continue after my arrival to Gila Bend.

I sincerely hope that God will see me through on the
air ticket and I am warming up seriously for our
taking off by next week. I wish you a nice day with
all my love and hope to read from you soon.

This is ever yours,


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