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Porcine Princess Chronicles

Part 4

>>> princess maria 07/31/02 11:53PM >>>

Dear Brad,

Good morning. Nice to talk with you on phone
yesterday.In fact, it was my wish to continue talking
with you but am sorry,I did not intentionally cut off
the line, the telephone failed us and bluntly refused
to get through again. You can't believe it, I tried it
for more than 20mins. However, I will try to call you

Also, I would have really loved to travel to meet with
you for my birthday but, I have a very serious problem
here. That was what I was trying to tell you on phone
yesterday, because my statue as princess, am always
involved in one custom and tradition or the other.
This is African tradition for you where one could be
compelled to one bull shit irrespective of weather you
are ready and willing for that or not. You can see one
of the problems I am passing through. Do you know that
even as am here now, I am been monitored seriously by
the Palace security.

Nevertheless, all our plan with Mr Scotty is that,
once we are able to transfer this money to you, we
will secretly process my traveling documents and sneak
out of the country never to come back to Nigeria
again. This will be possible because, I am the only
person restricted not to travel out, my mom and
sisters are very free. So, our fear is that, if I go
out now for the birthday celebration, I may not come
back again after which I will be traveling again
finally to US.

Moreover, I really appreciate your intended gifts. Am
so happy about it but, can you send it to me in
Nigeria here? I will so much appreciate it. If it will
be possible, you email me so that I can then give you
my mailing addresses and sizes.

For the past days now, I always thank God for linking
me to somebody like you, some body who respect my
feelings, wishes and thoughts. I can assure you that
God will bless you very abundantly. Again Dear, bother
not yourself much about whatever plan for me that
stubbornly refuses to be in it's shape, when I come
around, I will assist you in putting them in shape, am
a woman you know, and should know also that, women are
gifted to housing and leaving arrangements.

You are always in my mind and would always be. I

Finally, I will inform Mr Scotty about the Fax message
just before my going back to the palace this morning.

I hope to read from you by tomorrow as usual and
please, take your work easy ok before they get you
down with work for me.

I remain yours,



Dearest Luscious Wanton Princess:

Thank you so much for the explanation of the abrupt halt to our telephone conversation. It troubles me greatly to hear you have such a difficult time of it passing through shit. With security watching every one of my movements, I would encounter the same woes. You need to leave Nigeria as soon as possible. With a change of climate and diet and one good trip to the Port-O-San, your problems should vanish here in Gila Bend.

I absolutely wish to send my darling doxy gifts for her birthday. Time is running short, so please provide your address, as well as your ring, hat, shoe, brassiere and dress sizes. I need to start shopping right away!!

I should also tell you that work to correct the mansion's tilt suffered a small setback yesterday when Squiggy dug under the northern foundation instead of the southern foundation. It is now leaning at a 45-degree angle. I have explained Squiggy's error to him and believe he now understands. Nevertheless, I have high hopes the project will be completed well before your arrival. Squiggy's cousin Morty, the manure hauler, has been hired to assist us. I now am helping, too, and I assure you I can still shovel it with the best of them!

I am counting the hours and minutes until your grand arrival in the mansion on the hill. Until then I must endure life without you, which can be very challenging with Squiggy around.

With bountiful love and appreciation,

Brad Christensen


>>> Mr Nnanna Scotty 08/01/02 09:02AM >>>

Dear Mr Bradford,

I have finally received the faxed documents and have
already started working on it.

Possibly, if am able to get legal approvals tommorow,
I will send you a copy.

It is very important we continue on the constant
communication as we continue.




Thanks, Scotty. I have been communicating with the wonderful Princess daily and am eager for her to join me in Gila Bend. All the best,

Brad Christensen


>>> princess maria 08/02/02 06:24AM >>>


I am very overwhelmed by your choice of words for me
and thatÆs why it hungries me now and then to ready
from you. In fact, your coming into my life had made
me to quickly get relieved of the shock I was going
through following the death of my late father.

I am bent to believe what he told me few mins before
his death that it shall be well with me. Ordinarily, I
was supposed to be shivering as somebody who is about
to change her environment but reverse is the case. You
have put a lot of hope into me. I am as well counting
not even mins but seconds to meeting you. I can't
express my mom's happiness. We have all started
thinking and dreaming like Americans.

If I say you are a very strong person, I don't think
am out of point. So you can even shovel? These are the
kind of things I am not use to at all as I have
servants in virtually everything before the death of
my father.

I so much appreciate your planning to send birthday
gifts to me. Am so happy about it. I would love you to
send it through Mr. Scotty's mailing address because,
if you send it to me to the palace here, I will not
only be in trouble but they will cease the parcel.

The address is;
Mr Nnanna Scotty,
Suit C3/C5,
Beach Plaza,
Plot 1412, Ahmadu Bello Way,
Victoria Island, Lagos.

Note; You should please use only DHL courier service
because, they are the only reliable courier services
here. Other courier services from available
information are not completely reliable at all. Dear
Brad, I just wish you could send a befitting wrist
watch suitable for a Princess, a good ring and shoes.
I would also appreciate receiving a good telephone
handset from you like NOKIA 8890. Hope your princess
is not demanding too much. I assure you, whatever you
sent to me will be regarded as precious as love.

My sizes are;
Shoe; 42,
Suit; 18
Brassiere; 40D
Ring; 14
Hat Normal Size.

Dearest, I went through another stress today. When Mr.
Scotty got to the high court today for the approvals,
I was asked to pay an unexpected 0.1% of the total
amount, which is $23,560.

However, don't worry, I was able to pay the money
because, I had already had savings for the security
company deposit charges/demurrages. Mr. Scotty is with
the receipt of the payment. More so, following the
payment, we have succeeded in getting the approvals
and Mr. Scotty will later today send a copy of the
approved legal document including the signed agreement
note to you via email attachment.

I thanks God for everything and thank him most for
sending you into my life.

I don't feel like stopping but I have to. I wait to
hearing from you by tomorrow.

Stay with all my love and cheers,

Your Princess.


Dearest Sweet Rotund Princess:

I am happy you are overwhelmed with my choice of words for you, my wonderfully debauched moll. I will be sending you two e-mails today because I seek your opinion on some gift ideas and am including pictures as attachments.

First of all, thanks for sending along your sizes. You seem to be a tad larger than I remember from the photo you e-mailed, but that is fine with me. I will start budgeting right now for a much larger refrigerator.

The weather is very hot in Gila Bend, and as you will see from the first three attachments, I am a very practical man who wants to ensure that your days and nights here are as comfortable as possible. Please let me know which outfits you prefer, and by all means be honest. Keep in mind that any of them will keep you cool and comfortable, even during the hottest days in the mansion on the hill. I will not speculate, at this point, what they may do to my heat level.

In my next e-mail, I will show you some rings.

Brad Christensen

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